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Wrinkle Removal Sticker Face Patch

Wrinkle Removal Sticker Face Patch

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Wrinkle Removal Sticker Face Patch

Silicone Wrinkle Forehead Sticker Feature: Face Care Tool Material: This Wrinkle Removal Sticker Face Patch silicone Color: transparent Specification: 11PCS Suitable for: can be used for cheeks; mouth corners; corners; etc. Packing List:1*chest sticker; 1*forehead sticker; 1*neck sticker; 2*cheek sticker; 6*eye sticker Warm Tips: 1. Sensitive skin is not recommended. 2. The first use recommendation is within 1-2 hours; and the subsequent use time is appropriately extended according to skin adaptability. 3. It is best to clean the skin before use; after emollient use.

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