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Eyeliner Eyelashes Sticker

Eyeliner Eyelashes Sticker

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Looking for an easy way to achieve dramatic; gorgeous lashes? Look no further than our Eyeliner Eyelashes Sticker! This innovative product comes with a set of seven different eyeliner stickers that can be used over and over again. They are safe and easy to use; and can be removed with makeup remover; body oil; or alcohol. With our Eyeliner Eyelashes Sticker; you'll have lush; beautiful lashes that will last all day long!


Color  Blue; Green; Fluorescent Colors; Gold; Purple; Black; Pink
Package : 4 pairs of eyeliner and fake eyelashes stickers
Each Sticker Size:1.7inch*0.9inch(4.3*2.3cm)

Package Included:
1 sheet 4pairs Eyeliner Eyelashes Sticker

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