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50mm Natural Jade Baoding Balls

50mm Natural Jade Baoding Balls

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Specifications:_x000D_Material: jade_x000D_Size: Diameter 50mm_x000D_Weight: 320g_x000D__x000D_Features:_x000D_- In addition to relieving stress; Chinese Health Balls or Baoding Balls are known to improve joints; blood circulation; _x000D_sleep patterns; and memory._x000D_- Two or more Baoding balls are rotated repetitively in the hand to improve manual dexterity and strength; _x000D_and they are also said to assist in injury recovery._x000D_- Each ball measures a bit over 1.5 inches in diameter. Beautifully decorated box included. Soothing chimes inside to further reduce stress._x000D__x000D_How to use:_x000D_When exercising; put two balls in your hand; relying on five fingers flexion and extension; so that the two balls circled with each other; _x000D_the rotation direction of Shun; the inverse of the points; so that all the joints in the hand are in motion. With the hand flexion and extension; _x000D_exhibition income; front wall muscles can have a rhythm of contraction and relaxation. Hands can be alternating exercise; _x000D_but also three or four balls at the same time rotating; playing a few tricks!_x000D__x000D_Package included:_x000D_2 X Baoding ball_x000D__x000D__x000D_

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