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4 Drawer Wide Weave Tower Decoration Storage Cabinet

4 Drawer Wide Weave Tower Decoration Storage Cabinet

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Outside Dimensions: 15 7/8" x 21 7/8" x 31 3/4"

Four opaque drawers keep contents concealed where they most often used

Versatile decorative storage solution is ideal for use throughout the home

Opaque drawers keep contents concealed and clutter controlled

Keep frequently used items contained and organized where they are most often used


These woven storage projects combine style and functionality; The fashionable woven appearance combined with the convenience, durability, and value of plastic provides various decoration solutions for your living space.

Four opaque drawers can control and hide clutter, while providing the most commonly used items. The easy to pull handle allows the drawer to easily open and close, and the drawer stopper prevents accidental withdrawal of the drawer.

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