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Tablet Tabletop Arm Mount
Tablet Tabletop Arm Mount

Tablet Tabletop Arm Mount

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Tablet Tabletop Arm Mount
Part Number: PADTAM
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For that ideal fixture to turn your tablet into a perfect accessory for the table desk or countertop look no further than CTA Digital's Tabletop Arm Mount for Tablets. Designed with two adjustable grips one spring-loaded and the other activated by a quick-release button on the back this mount conveniently works for any tablet whether it's the iPad Pro Samsung Galaxy Note Pro or Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The durable metal arm of the mount is built to last and perfectly accents home dcor with its design. The frame also has five hinges making it easily adjustable using only one hand and giving it a maximum stand-up height of 12 inches. CTA Digital's Tabletop Arm Mount for Tablets also features a simple cable routing system that helps keep all the attached cables neatly secured and everything looking good. Features Include: - Adjustable mount can hold 7 - 12 inch tablets such as the iPad Pro Galaxy Tab S iPad Air 2 Surface Pro 4 and more - Soft rubber grips to prevent scratching or scuffing - Hassle-free quick-release button for easy access to loading and unloading a tablet - Multiple joints provide versatile viewing options easily adjusted using one hand - Cable routing system - Made from aircraft aluminum for durable yet fashionable design - Simple installation and dismount using a C-Clamp and Grommet system.

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