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Prep N
Prep N'' Pop Vegetable Helper (White) Prep N' Pop Vegetable Helper (White)

Prep N"" Pop Vegetable Helper (White) Prep N" Pop Vegetable Helper (White)

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Prep N" Pop Vegetable Helper (White)
Part Number: PREPNPOP
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Format: Brown BoxAge: Platform: N/APrep peel and pop a variety of foods with the Prep N" Pop Vegetable Holder! Now it"s a snap to cut veggies and more. Designed to hold vegetables of various sizes it allows you to use your own hand peeler without the risk of cutting your hands or dropping the vegetable. Simply pierce the veggie with the helper and when you"re done cutting press the release button to pop it out! No touching necessary. You can even use the versatile device to flip meats or remove hot items from the oven. It features a rubber non-slip grip for easy handling and includes a thumb ring for one-handed operation. Plus the thumb ring is easily adjustable for a fit that"s just right for you.

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