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OBD-II Break Out Box
OBD-II Break Out Box

OBD-II Break Out Box

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Part Number: D0102HHTQ17
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Features and Benefits: Applicable to all 1996 and above makes and models - aids in the diagnosing of link concerns OEM approved - eliminates damage to vehicle terminals Easy to install - provides easy access and identification to all 16 OBD-II test points Diagnosing vehicle communication link concerns is difficult enough without having the added difficulty of accessing the vehicle diagnostic connector. Testing terminals directly with the vehicle diagnostic connector can damage pins resulting in erroneous codes and difficult additional repairs. In addition, the vehicle diagnostic connector is difficult to access and determine which terminal is actually being probed. The J1962 Diagnostic BOB has a 36” extension from the vehicles 16 pin connector which can be difficult to access. This allows an easy and secure connection between the vehicle terminal test point and the measurement device. The BOB also has a vehicle side diagnostic connector which accepts any scan tool used for additional diagnostic measurements. The J1962 Diagnostic BOB can be used on all 1996 and greater model year vehicles. This tool can be used in conjunction with any existing OEM Diagnostic Manual procedures.  

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