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Knipex 7-1/4 in. Hog Ring Pliers
Knipex 7-1/4 in. Hog Ring Pliers

Knipex 7-1/4 in. Hog Ring Pliers

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Features and Benefits: For professional replacement of automotive upholstery to the seat frame and are compatible with all popular upholstery or hog ringsSecurely insert upholstery clips or hog rings in the recessed grooves which hold the clips in the correct position before they are crimpedClosing spring holds the pliers closed which allows for the ring to be securely positioned before being compressedTransmission ratio allows for the easy compression of the hog ringsMulti-component grip for added hand comfortKNIPEX Hog Ring Pliers may sound like they only have one use-but, the diffrent industries that use them just might surprize you. You can use them on any fastening project that deals with mesh fencing, wire, fabric, rope and cord. These 7 in. Hog Ring Pliers have special grooves in the jaws that are designed to securely hold the ring or clip and guide them into the proper crimped position. They are great for automotive upholstery, a wide range of fencing wire gauges, wire cages, lobster and crab traps, gardening and floral arrangements.

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